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Final List announced for FCM Under-15s

Following multiple rounds of selection trials at Nehru Maidan and keeping in line with the club’s vision of focusing on youth players from Mangalore and the Dakshina Karnataka region, a total of 32 players from the city from various educational institutions have been shortlisted for selection from the 130+ children who attended the trials.

Congratulations to all the players who made it into the team after weeks of commitment and hard-work.

FCM Under-15 Final Squad

  1. Adersh M
  2. Adhil Manshad
  3. Adithyan A K
  4. Ajay S Bhat
  5. Amarnath J J
  6. Ashab K
  7. Biniyamin PK
  8. Wangkhem Denny Singh
  9. Muhammed Jabinshad
  10. Jaffer Iqbal Kader
  11. H L Jangminthang Mate
  12. Henz Joshua Pinto
  13. Abdulkhader Juwaiz
  14. Madhusudhan K S
  15. Mohan Kumar Gowda H S
  16. Mohammed Ansah AP
  17. Mohamad Afreez KA
  18. Muhammed Muaad
  19. Mohammed Sayeed
  20. Mujahit Ali Makakmayum
  21. Takhellambam Newton Meitei
  22. Pavan M
  23. Prathyush Gowda M
  24. Rishith
  25. Sahal Saban N T B
  26. Abu Shahdulla T S
  27. Lairelakpam Suraj Singh
  28. Muhammed Thameem Aahil
  29. Umer Amaan A K
  30. Vivek A V
  31. Yashwanth Gowda M V
  32. Zayed Haque

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