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Our Well Wishers

President, Karnataka State Football Association
General Secretary, Karnataka State Football Association
Indian Football Legend and Sports Administrator, SAI

“Well wishers are like beautiful street lamps. They cannot make our distance shorter but they can lighten our paths and show us the way”

Mr. NA Haris

The charismatic and multi-lingual leader of the KSFA, Mr. Haris has been instrumental in our success. He was present when the club was first launched and continues to support unconditionally in all areas.

Mr. Satya Narayan

Mr. Satya’s dynamism and leadership skills has seen the KSFA rise to the very top of Indian football and we have been grateful for all the constant guidance and support provided to FC Mangalore. 

Mr. I M Vijayan

One of the most recognisable faces in Indian football, IM Vijayan has one of our biggest pillars of support right from the club’s inception and a true role model for our players.