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Children's Football

What defines an ‘Intelligent Player’ in Football?

An intelligent player …

  • Understands how to read game situations in a flash, analyze them exactly and solve them correctly without losing any time.
  • has the necessary technique to be able to take his eye off the ball;
  • Knows when and where to pass, and when not to pass;
  • Plays the ball quickly or slows the game down when necessary. At the same time he is never rushed;
  • Feels absolutely secure even in difficult game situations;
  • Uses his experience to correctly size up the available space and the constantly changing distances to teammates and opponents.
  • Has a perfect eye and feel for the available space (narrow/wide, in front/behind, on the flanks/in the center);
  • Dares to take risks, but is aware of the importance of balancing risks against safety (taking too many risks results in loss of possession, or defeat, while excessive emphasis on safety results in stagnation)
  • Knows that he cannot always do everything correctly, and therefore refuses to allow errors to have a negative effect on his game
  • Finds the best solution for the game situation in which he finds himself. The solution is characterised by originality (rarity value), flexibility (he has more than one solution) or the element of surprise (surprising and creative solutions)
  • Uses his skills for the good of the team
  • Knows what his second touch will be before he controls the ball with his first touch.

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