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High Performance Camp

Coach Vipin: Good Recovery is key to injury prevention

Given our background in the medical field, FC Mangalore has always taken great pride in our robust Recovery and Rehabilitation Program for players. Given the fact that children arrived in Mangalore for the High Performance Camp on the back of a lengthy layoff from the field on account of the pandemic, it was up to coaches like Vipin Chandran to lead the way for the Players’ Recovery Program upon the completion of each session.

“We conduct a very extensive static stretching session at the end of each training depending on the intensity of the football training. Initially, the players had very poor flexion and range based on the fact that they had all been indoors for the better part of the year and we had to ease them into it systematically.” he said

Coach Vipin Chandran has extensive experience working in various programs for FC Mangalore and would supervise the Strength & Conditioning as well as the Recovery component during the High Performance Camp. Ice Baths, Full Body Massages and Pool Sessions were also conducted to ensure that the players were fully fit for each session.

“One of the most important aspects of recovery is getting adequate sleep and hydrating well. My job was to also ensuring these aspects of the camp – that the players were sleeping on time and also drinking lots of water”

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